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Blade and Soul Download Free. Start a new and exciting massively multiplayer online role-playing game now. As you know, you must pay to have access to this game, but we can help you in this situation. You have a link below which will give you an unique experience of the new Blade and Soul game.  _______________________________________________________________________

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File name: BnS Client.exe
Size: 1.23 GB Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS x
Requires .NET Framework 4
Last update: 12.05.2013

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If you have any download problems read this guide or watch the video below ! ________________________________________________________________________ This game has some unbelievable graphics which brings the player exactly in the old times of China. The game uses a third person view technology and based on this, the game will be a collection of video effects combined of course, with fantastic audio effects. By making combos, you will have a nice preview of an old martial arts specialist. Blade and Soul consists of four playable races (Gon, Jin, Kun, Lyn) and six classes (Assassin, Blade Master, Destroyer, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Summoner). This is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game with martial arts theme. This game requires from players to do combos, which are very good, defined by awesome video and audio effects. Every player has access to customize his character by its own. He will be able to customize hair styles, facial structures, eye color, height and body type. This things gives to Blade and Soul a higher complexity.

Blade and Soul Download Now !!

The Asian game, had surpassed the Blizzard’s Diablo III as the most talked-about game, this means only the fact that this game was more waited to be played than Diablo III. We can compare this game with Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry but living in the world of Final Fantasy. This game lets the player in the situation of fighting with PvE (player versus environment), but later the player will be able to fight against bosses, dungeons and later, when everyone will have the experience and the necessary gear, will fight against each other PvP (player versus player). As you well know, to play this game, you must pay. This brings a huge inconvenience to everyone that wants to try this game. We provide a path that no one else has. We give you this game for free. What you have to do is just to press the download button below and let the magic of an old chinese world to bring a new episode into your life. In conclusion, if you want to try this awesome game, all you have to do is to press the download button below and start a new martial-arts experience.

Blade and Soul Download Free Now !

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